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Voltriq India Pvt. Ltd. Stands For

Voltriq India Pvt Ltd. is a new beginning of a company that was founded in 2018 with the aim to create an Indian Leading Manufacturing and Marketing of Consumer Durable & IT Products. We keep on improving and always strive to design a unique product for our users. We are dedicated to utilize the money invested by our customers in creating, designing, and gathering the best products and companies in the market.

Not only that, but we believe in environmental technology that everyone can trust on. We make chaotic life peaceful in homes and also beyond that. The four pillars that makes what we are today: Reliability, Sharing, Creativity, and Authenticity.

Who Are We?

Some like-minded guys assembled and decide to make the lives of people beautiful and easy by choosing to make their hands dirty! These people are called: VOLTRIQues

They got this idea from the initiative in Indore of “Neki-Diwaar.”

If people can contribute to society by providing them with clothes, then there should be something that should provide them with their day-to-day necessities just with a click!

Our pool of products includes Kitchen Appliances, Heater and Blower, and Water Solutions.

Not only this, we also provide LFD and LED TV, Coffee Machines, Voltage Stabilizers, Desktop computers, and Air Coolers.

By taping with the talent of young creators, Voltriq has got into the market in very short span of time. With a presence in all over India. 

Our Partners

Violet color

Normally stands for Wisdom and Sensibility, But, for us, it turned out to be our motivation!
Inspiration is born when people with the same mindset come up with their creativity. This is the thought process of every person working in VOLTRIQ, and it is the pillar to offer the best products with high quality and that too budget-friendly.

When people with the same thinking come up with their own creative ideas, inspiration is formed. This is the thought process of everyone at VOLTRIQ, and it is the foundation for providing the greatest products with excellent quality at a reasonable price. Our main goal is to promote Indian culture, hence we make every effort to encourage our clients to buy Indian-made goods.