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We are a team of people that work with the motive to connect people with the right option.
Voltriq Pvt. Ltd. is a company that will never outsell you and present you the accurate data and options available.
OEM is basically original equipment manufacturer, an organization that makes devices from component parts bought from other organizations.
We assure you that you are in safe hands, therefore, you don’t ever have to worry about the quality or the product.

What goes into the creation, partnership, and resale of an OEM product?

What goes into the creation, partnership, and resale of an OEM product?
Before providing a solution to you, we figure out the best way to serve your needs. We examine different options like, whether to buy, manufacture, build, or partner with someone to deign the product. By partnering with us, i.e. OEM, you can minimize the investment in manufacturing and material costs while gaining expertise in product design as well as a shorter product life cycle.

OEMs don’t add anything to the product and only brand it with their logo. Other OEMs merely provide components and do not sell anything under their own label. Many businesses, on the other hand, do both. These items are also available for purchase directly from the company.

Why are OEM Products Less Expensive?

Because of economies of scale, products of OEM are affordable. Both the production time and price are reduced, as the company binds with some other manufacturer to produce high number of products.

But still, you will have to examine properly, what you are getting yourself into. While the products are cheaper and deliver the same features and performance, you may not receive some “extras” like tech support, which would normally be handled by a PC company.

When people with the same thinking come up with their own creative ideas, inspiration is formed. This is the thought process of everyone at VOLTRIQ, and it is the foundation for providing the greatest products with excellent quality at a reasonable price. Our main goal is to promote Indian culture, hence we make every effort to encourage our clients to buy Indian-made goods.