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Voltriq 27 Inch Monitor


  • IPS Panel
  • FHD  Display
  • 68.58 cm Viewable size
  • Max resolution 1920 x 1080
  • 16.7 Million color depth
  • 14ms Response time
  • VGA, HDMI Connectivity
  • Inbuilt Speaker
  • 1 Year Warranty


Also available in PLS, TN & VA Display.*

Also available with 3 years & 5 years warranty.*

Voltriq 27 Inch Monitor



Whether you want to use it for work, study, or games, the Voltriq FHD  LED Desktop Monitor offers high-quality visuals. It is equipped with a Wide Viewing Angle angle of up to 178 degrees. And, this monitor has a wide colour gamut, which means it has less colour shift when viewed from different angles. Moreover, while working for extended durations, the tilt of this monitor can be adjusted, providing a comfortable viewing angle without straining your neck.


IPS Panel

IPS provides an up to 178-degree wide viewing angle. In addition, it features a wide colour gamut, which reduces colour shift when viewed from varying angles.


Optimal Viewing Angle

As this monitor’s tilt can be adjusted from 5 degrees to up to 15 degrees, it provides a comfortable viewing angle without hurting your neck when working for long periods of time.


Fast Response Time

You won’t have to be concerned about screen lag or slow refresh rates as this monitor has a dynamic refresh rate of up to 60 Hz and a response time as low as 14 ms. This helps ensure that images refresh in a rapid manner, allowing you to work and play without interruption.


Vivid Colours

Integrated with high sRGB colour saturation, this monitor renders vibrant brightness for Red, Green, and Blue colours. This way, it delivers detailed and realistic colours in almost all types of visuals.


Panel Type IPS
Driving system 27″  Color LED
Viewable image size 68.58 cm
Max.Resolution 1920*1080
Aspect Ratio 16:09
Color depth 16.7Million colors
Viewing Angles V(178)/H(178)
Response time 14ms
Connectors VGA , HDMI
Power Rating 12V = 2A
Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature -25°C to 55°C
Humidity 20% to 85%
Speaker 2W x 2
Switch Power Key, +/ ECO, -/ Image Ratio, MENU/ENTER, Auto/Exit Luminance, Image setup
External control Color Temperature, Color Boost, Picture Boost, OSD Setup.
Stand Tilt (Typical: 5° forward or 15° backward)
VESA 100 X 100 mm
Height × Width × Depth 457x615x190 mm
Monitor with stand 4.0Kg Unit(Net)

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