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Voltriq VI7550LFD



  •  Brighter View
  •  Good-quality LFD sound
  •  Smart LFD
  •  3840 x 2160 Ready – Great picture quality
  •  Up to 24 x 7 Duty Cycle
  •  16:9 Aspect Ratio
  •  Narrow Bezel
  •  The standard refresh rate for blur-free picture quality
  •  HDMI: For set-top box, consoles and other devices
  •  USB: Easily connect your digital camera, camcorder or USB device
  •  5 Years Warranty
  •  LFD, Remote, Stand, 2 x AAA Batteries, Cable, User Manual

Voltriq VI7550LFD




This makes you feel like you are looking at something in real life. The screen of this LFD that is equipped with a zero-bright dot panel helps in delivering vivid, detailed, and lifelike visuals. It comes with Ultra HD display, which can take your movie or LFD TV watching experience a notch higher by letting you enjoy the various details in stunning and ultimate quality. Also, apart from delivering crystal-clear display, it ensures that the contrast and brightness levels are balanced optimally. Even the colours which are reproduced are made to retain their authenticity. These features work together to give you a wholesome viewing experience.



Made in India for Indian Conditions

To ensure durability, this Professional Large Format Display is tested for humidity and high temperatures. This LFD is specially built keeping the fluctuating Indian weather conditions – it has undergone several endurance tests, such as temperature tests and humidity tests, to ensure optimum performance in all climatic conditions.



Connectivity Option

You can connect your console using an HDMI wire and enjoy your games seamlessly. The standard high-definition picture quality gets a major upgrade if played with HDMI. We understand that you may have your content downloaded and stored on multiple devices. Innoview allows you to connect any playback device directly to the LFD TV via USB connectivity. It supports many picture and video formats.



Flicker-less Action Movies & Gaming Experience

The screen of this LFD is refreshed every 15 microseconds to provide you with a flicker-less LFD viewing experience.



Sleek and Stylish

What makes this Voltriq LFD so aesthetically pleasing is its sleek and stylish design that blends into your home or office decor.



Great Performance 

When it comes to performance, this Voltriq Large Format Display will impress you with its boot-up time and multi-tasking capabilities, as it comes with RAM and ROM. Oh, and this LFD also comes with the Core processor that facilitates lag-free performance.



Wide Viewing Angle 

Sit wherever you feel like without worrying about not being able to get a picture-perfect view – this LFD, with its wide viewing angle, lets you enjoy the same picture quality from every corner of your room.




From Netflix, YouTube, and other different apps, you can stream all your favourite shows, including a vast range of great picture quality content on this LFD.



Control the LFD with your Smartphone

You can use the Miracast function to stream your phone’s content on this LFD’s big screen. It will also let you use your smartphone as a remote controller.

When people with the same thinking come up with their own creative ideas, inspiration is formed. This is the thought process of everyone at VOLTRIQ, and it is the foundation for providing the greatest products with excellent quality at a reasonable price. Our main goal is to promote Indian culture, hence we make every effort to encourage our clients to buy Indian-made goods.