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Voltriq Air Cooler VI-ABS36


  • For rooms
  • Large 36 L tank capacity
  • Low power consume
  • Cool flow dispenser
  • Automatic  swing
  • Heavy-duty pump technology

Voltriq Air Cooler VI-ABS36



Beat the during summer with this air cooler from Voltriq with multiple innovative features, such as easy-to-remove pads, humidity controller and an ice chamber, the Voltriq air cooler keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the day. It also features an auto water level indicator, so you can easily monitor the amount of water in the cooler . Thanks to the castor wheels, you can conveniently move this heavy appliance from one place to another.


  • For Rooms
  • 36 L Tank Capacity
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Large Cool Flow Dispenser
  • Powerful Air Throw
  • Automatic Swing
  • Heavy-duty Pump for Superior Cooling
  • In-built Float Valve for Auto Water Refill

When people with the same thinking come up with their own creative ideas, inspiration is formed. This is the thought process of everyone at VOLTRIQ, and it is the foundation for providing the greatest products with excellent quality at a reasonable price. Our main goal is to promote Indian culture, hence we make every effort to encourage our clients to buy Indian-made goods.